Between homework, the iPhone, Sony PlayStation and after-school sports, it’s really hard to connect with my kids these days. But a surefire way to get them to be present, mindful and unite with me is to take them to Artsy Hive in Miami Shores. It’s the one place we can all agree that’s fun, creative and calming. Yes, calming.

The gist? Set amongst a mid century modern aesthetic and pops of pinks, blues and yellows, guests choose pottery of their liking and paint. Their average pottery price is $25 (some are less and some are more). Once you’re done with your masterpiece, Artsy Hive keeps it to glaze, and fire it — and in 7 days, you can pick up your pieces of artwork.

Many of our Christmas gifts hailed from Artsy Hive this year because nothing says “I love you” quite like a handmade present.

So for a mindful activity with a beautiful end result, make a beeline (see what I did there?) for our fave family haunt, Artsy Hive.

Artsy Hive, 211 NE 95th Street, Miami Shores; (305) 456-1059;


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No in-studio painting. TO-GO kits to take home ONLY.

Pick up and Drop Off Hours:

Wednesdays: 11a-3p

Saturdays: 11a-3p

Other days by appointment only.


350 NE 75th St. Miami, FL 33138



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