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Updated: Sep 2, 2018

New Pottery Painting Studio, Artsy Hive, Joins the Heart of Miami Shores

Pottery Painting, Crafting Classes, Workshops for DIY enthusiasts

MIAMI SHORES, March 13, 2017 – Forget everything you knew about traditional pottery painting studios. The Artsy Hive is the newest DIY outpost in Miami, and its creative, hands-on concept is entirely unique.

The 40-seat paint-it-yourself studio is opening this spring in Miami Shores, Fla., and it’ll give guests the chance to take a break from electronics and explore their artistic side while creating one-of-a-kind keepsakes for friends, family, or themselves.

The entire endeavor is designed as a community gathering place and unique option for entertainment — an oasis where residents and visitors of all ages can feel comfortable and creative.

At The Artsy Hive, guests will have complete creative flexibility, and can even design items to match their home décor — colors and all. Creations can be customized by guests, so people can head home with a mug bearing a child’s handprint, a special photo frame — or a bowl for their favorite pet. The knowledgeable staff will be able to offer assistance to customers, and idea books will be on hand for additional inspiration.

Dreamed up by professional artists and husband and wife team Ineabelle Soto and Anderson Martinez, the studio is a reflection of their creative backgrounds. Both are graduates of the Escuela Central de Artes Visuales, a specialized visual art school in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Anderson went on to become an industrial designer, and Soto studied advertising and marketing before becoming a popular cake decorator. Both have a true passion for the arts, and were inspired to build something that add something special to the community.

“We’re so thrilled to bring this studio to Miami Shores,” says Soto. “Adults and children both need opportunities to express their creative energy, and that’s what Artsy Hive is all about.”

The studio will feature a fully equipped, open and inviting work area. Guests will be able to choose from pre-fired pottery choices (all food and dishwasher safe), a huge selection of non- toxic colored glazes, plus brushes, sponges, and electric kilns — so they can create whatever their hearts desire. The studio will offer a semi-private area for special events, and everyone from children to seniors are welcome to host parties and other get-togethers.

The Artsy Hive is a perfect outlet for overworked executives; busy moms; birthday party guests; couples — and anyone else who needs a chance to let their imagination run wild. It’s a wonderful place to make memories with family and friends.

Plus, given that funds have been cut in 80 percent of public schools since 2008 (and art programs are generally the first to go) this is the ideal outlet for kids who need to express their creativity and individuality. The warm and inviting atmosphere will appeal to diverse groups of people, and that’s what Soto and Martinez were shooting for.

For Immediate Release Media Contact: JennyLee Molina (786) 975-9596

Pottery painting will initially be the primary focus of the studio, with future plans to expand into glass fusion, craft classes, workshops, and special events for families, children, artists, and bloggers alike. “With the demand for handmade, craft art classes in Miami, we feel Artsy Hive will become the creative outlet for DIY enthusiasts”, adds Soto.

Artsy Hive Studio is set to open Spring 2017 and will be located at 211 NE 95th St. Miami Shores, FL 33138.


Fellow graduates of the Escuela Central de Artes Visuales, a specialized visual art school in San Juan, Puerto Rico, both Ineabelle Soto and Anderson Martinez have an extended art background. Anderson studied architecture, later discovering he had a passion for industrial design. After a decade of studying, Ineabelle dove head first into the advertising and marketing field. After their first child was born, their focus immediately became “family first” shifting their careers to make time for their new baby. Anderson decided to open an industrial design studio while Ineabelle began designing cakes for events and special occasions after taking baking & cake design classes. In their continuous search for a creative outlet and with a passion to fill a void in the community, they decided to take their experience and turn it into Artsy Hive Studio.


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