Ceramic Hand-Building Classes

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Our program provides students the opportunity to develop a basic knowledge of ceramics. One month will give students a way to explore the ceramic world, but the program is designed as a continuous education, meaning that it is highly recommended to stay in the program on a membership, monthly basis. 

During the program, the student will be able to learn:

• Hand-Building skills such as wedging, pinch, coil, slab, sculpting, and additive and subtractive procedures.

• Glazing techniques, pouring and brushing.

• Decorative techniques such as incising, texturing, and slip trailing.

• Design hand-built projects from beginning to end and learn how to properly care of materials and tools.

• Understanding of the control of clay at the various stages of development - i.e., plastic, leather-hard, greenware, bisque, and glaze.

• Understanding of basic ceramics terms.

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Currently offering JUNE CLASS PACK with a $0 Registration Fee Promo

  • Cost: $130

  • Registration Fee: $25  ==> FREE for JUNE Class Pack!

  • Ages: 8-12 years old

  • Choose you class: Tuesdays @ 4pm, Thursdays @ 4pm or Sundays @ 10a or @ 1p.

    • When purchasing the pack, make sure you choose the day and time you can commit. We'll secure your space for your kid based on that. 

  • Class Duration: 2 hours

  • Classes require a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10

  • To comply with COVID-19 procedures, kids and instructors must wear face mask while in the studio

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Afterschool Membership
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August 2021

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